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参加者: 駒谷, 武田(阪大), Neubig, 水上, 杉山(NAIST), 森, 井上, 吉野(京大)
日 時: 2014年11月01日 14:00--18:00
場 所: 大阪大学 吹田キャンパス 産業科学研究所 (大阪府茨木市美穂ヶ丘8-1)


Word-Based Dialog State Tracking with Recurrent Neural Networks (吉野)

Resolving Referring Expressions in Conversational Dialogs for Natural User Interfaces (吉野)

Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Micro-Turn Management (井上)

Evaluating a Spoken Dialogue System that Detects and Adapts to User Affective States (水上)

Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks (Neubig)

Discovering Latent Structure in Task-Oriented Dialogue (Neubig)


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